In this section, we display articles from our media team as well as other articles from around the world that would be of interest to our community. As with our videos and photos, they cover all the aspects of our culture including Latin people living and working in Vancouver, socio-cultural events, and business being conducted between Latin countries and the rest of the world markets, most notably with BC and Canada.


Ballet Victoria

Ballet Victoria presents a mixed program with new works to music by rock legends including, The Rolling Stones (Paint it Black), Jimmy Hendrix (Foxy Lady), Pink Floyd (Comfortably Numb), the Eagles (Hotel California), Disturbed (The Sound of Silence) and more. A journey through time w

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Cinco de Mayo

What is Cinco de Mayo? Cinco de Mayo has become a party for all Latin people living in the United States and Canada, as a recognition and many times as an excuse, to drink, eat and party as a Latino. But let’s spread  knowledge about what really happened that day. The Battle of Pue

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Salsa in Cuba - Source
A Glance at the History of Salsa

A Glance at the History of Salsa Salsa has its roots with the first settlement of  slaves from Africa, who  became the  new habitants of the islands of the Caribbean Sea.  Their big influence in music was played and danced to for their masters from different parts of Europe, such

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Christmas carols - Source Vancouver Sun
Christmas Carols

CHRISTMAS CAROLS The word Carol or Carole is derived from the French and Anglo-Norman language and means dance or song or a circle dance, accompanied by singing and expressing religious joy. During the 14th century carols became popular religious songs to Christ or The Virgin Mary and

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Christmas tree - Source
Christmas Tree

CHRISTMAS TREE Christmas trees are an important part of Christmas celebrations. Families and friends gather around them to exchange gifts. Many cities around the world put trees up in squares, parks and government buildings; we can see them in shopping malls, work offices and in many

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Settling in BC

Home renovation 2 - Source weeklysauce
Using Home Equity to Finance Your Renovation
December 4, 2015 Comments are off

By Alisa & Jorge Aragon, Mortgage & Leasing Experts With low interest rates – now is an ideal time to tap into the available equity in your home to fund your renovation needs. But these rock-bottom rates won’t be available forever – the Bank of Canada estimates fixed mor

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One of the most convenient and affordable ways to get around town, and to experience an unforgettable scenery, is by bike.

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Place to Live: Renting, Homestay and Buying
April 17, 2015 Comments are off

If you are planning to move to British Columbia, one of the first things you must do is to find a good place to live. It isn’t always easy

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Recreation in British Columbia
April 17, 2015 Comments are off

Given its varied mountainous terrain and its coasts, lakes, rivers, and forests, British Columbia has long been enjoyed for pursuits like hiking and camping

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April 16, 2015 Comments are off

In Canada, a significant portion of your income goes to income tax, and Vancouver is no different. In BC your income is subject to both Federal Income tax, and Provincial Income tax.

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