Lessons about coffee, and life, percolate on trip to El Salvador

Jim Holland Diane and Jesse O’Connor traveled more than 2,200 miles to gain a new appreciation for something most people take for granted: a well-brewed cup of coffee. While serious java junkies are known for going well out of their way to find a g

Colonial legacy remains strong in Guatemala’s streets

Peter Murtagh Antigua’s architecture retains a distinct style despite damage from earthquakes Doña Luisa’s is the place for breakfast in Antigua. Cheery waitresses come and go across an open air, cobbled courtyard, tending to everyone’s needs

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Havana’s older sister with cobbled streets and historic landmarks

Santo Domingo’s cobbled streets and its air of bygone Spanish colonial glory are far from the usual beach cliché, says Chris Leadbeater Chris Leadbeater @LeadbeaterChris Wandering across the Parque Colon, I momentarily lose track of the fact t