5 Reasons to Vaccinate your Child

By Maria del Pilar Panizo

We know that you will always look to do the best for your children when it comes to protecting them and it is understandable when doubting external factors coming into their bodies, but sometimes exposing them to the world which is so full of different germs and bacteria means that your kid has a high probability of contracting them and be in real danger of getting a disease that could have been prevented but now is causing lifelong damage. That is why we listed below 6 reasons to vaccinate your child, pointing out how it can help improve their lives and yours as well.

1. Vaccines are very safe and effective

The idea of vaccines can scare many parents, but we are talking about advanced medical science that is constantly reviewed by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals who recommend that children be vaccinated because they know the possible consequences of an unvaccinated child. And if you are afraid of the side effects, you must put it in perspective because those vaccines are preparing your children’s immune system to be strong enough for the actual illness, and the benefits of getting a vaccine will definitely show up when you are aware of what could have happened in other circumstances. 

2. Vaccines protect your child now and in the future

Children are always going to be exposed to germs because germs spread easily in crowded places like schools, airplanes, and hospitals. Having a vaccine not only avoids the disease but also allows your children to be stronger and give them the freedom of going around without being constantly afraid of germs because the vaccine protects them in case they get sick, helping them to quickly recover from it.

3. Vaccines can save your child’s life

When you get a vaccine, you get inner protection. There are some diseases that will kill without giving a second chance to your kid if they are still in their growing stage and is not strong enough to fight it, that is why vaccines are so necessary to get rid of this fear. An example is polio in America, that nowadays has zero rates of people getting ill after getting the vaccine. Until some years ago, it was one of the most feared diseases and now it can be cured and prevented.

4. Vaccines help protect others around

Getting a vaccine is also saving others’ lives. When your kid gets vaccinated, it can save younger or older family members, because every person on earth has different interactions during the day and it is likely that when you get sick in your house someone else will get sick with you too. That is why when you prevent having the diseases with vaccines, you can save the lives of the people you interact with and care about.

5. Vaccines can protect future generations

What vaccines have done for the world is amazing when you remember all the past diseases that killed millions and now have been eliminated or almost extinct. Smallpox, for instance, was eradicated from the whole world thanks to vaccines. There are also many others that fight the illness so well that people end up having minor symptoms. So, if people continue vaccinating themselves and their children, we can assure that many of the existing illnesses will no longer be a problem in the future. 

We hope these 5 reasons why to vaccinate your child were helpful, and we also encourage you to check out our sources listed below for more information about it. Keep yourself and your family safe and don’t forget to vaccinate the little ones.


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