In this section, we display articles from our media team as well as other articles from around the world that would be of interest to our community. As with our videos and photos, they cover all the aspects of our culture including Latin people living and working in Vancouver, socio-cultural events, and business being conducted between Latin countries and the rest of the world markets, most notably with BC and Canada.

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Canadian Government list of free virtual tax clinics during the COVID-19 period

Free tax clinics are important for Canadians. Community organizations will host free virtual tax clinics. Volunteers can receive tax free of charge via video conference or telephone through the Community Volunteers Income Tax Program (CVITP) and Income Tax Benefit – Volunteer Pr

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Would you like to help shape the future of the internet?

The Canadian National Dialogue invites you to this event. You can share your views by participating in it. “We, the Internet” brings together 100 Canadians from different backgrounds to find answers to fundamental questions in digital life. People from different parts of C

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Wanting to Sponsor your parents or grandparents to Canada?

According to the Government of Canada, you can submit the potential sponsor information, your primary residential address, and specific documents required on the website, and you can make a big life-changing opportunity for your family. What conditions do you need to know? Time to sub

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El gobierno anuncia nuevos apoyos para ayudar a las empresas durante la pandemia

El Gobierno de Canadá adoptó medidas inmediatas para ayudar a las empresas canadienses afectadas por la pandemia mundial de COVID-19, desde ayudar a mantener a los empleados en sus puestos de trabajo hasta aumentar el flujo de caja y prestar apoyo para ayudar a pagar el alquiler com

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Government announces new, targeted support to help businesses through pandemic

The Government of Canada took immediate action to help Canadian businesses affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, from helping keep employees on the job to increasing cash flow and providing support to help pay rent. While some parts of our economy are recovering, others continue t

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The History of Thanksgiving in Canada

Thanksgiving weekend. For many, this long weekend really kicks off the autumn season. People across the country will spend it raking leaves, harvesting, shutting down the family cabin, and hopefully eating a delicious meal surrounded by friends and family. But where did this tradition

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Happy Thanksgiving Day from Latincouver!
El fin de semana de Acción de Gracias.

El fin de semana de Acción de Gracias. Para muchos, este fin de semana largo realmente da inicio a la temporada de otoño. La gente de todo el país lo pasará rastrillando hojas, cosechando, calentándose dentro de un acabaña y, con suerte, comiendo una deliciosa comida rodeada de

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A História do Dia de Ação de Graças no Canadá

De onde veio a tradição? Os canadenses comemoram o Dia de Ação de Graças na segunda segunda-feira de outubro. Fim de semana de ação de graças. Para muitos, este longo fim de semana realmente dá início à temporada de outono. Pessoas em todo o país vão aproveita-lo varrendo

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has written a letter extending a warm welcome to this October’s celebrations of “Latin Heritage Month”

“This month’s festivities offer everyone a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Latin America, and to recognize the significant contributions that Canadians of Latin American descent continue to make to our country in all fields of en

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El primer ministro de Canadá Justin Trudeau ha escrito una carta extendiendo una cálida bienvenida a las celebraciones de este mes de octubre por el “Latin Heritage Month”.

“Las festividades de este mes ofrecen a todos una maravillosa oportunidad para aprender más sobre la rica y diversa herencia cultural de América, y reconocer las importantes contribuciones que los canadienses de ascendencia latinoamericana continúan haciendo a nuestro país en to

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