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Vancouver Mayoral candidates interacted with Latin American community at ExpoPlaza Latina

ExoPlaza Latina, a forum created by Latincouver, sets a milestone for all future elections in Vancouver. Right in the heart of Vancouver at the Latin Plaza Hub, an unprecedented event was held on September 6th, 2018. Latincouver invited all candidate

Independence Day do jeitinho brasileiro

We just love Brazil so much; not only for their delicious food, their incredible people or their party style. They have been gifted with the ability to put a smile on your face with their charm. And because of that its fair to acknowledge some of the

A little taste of Uruguay…

As a typical Latin country, Uruguay is expected to push the boat out for its Independence Day on August 25th, and rightly so, since this celebration comes only once a year. That’s why we decided to go fully Uruguayan today with a recipe for


    Car Free Day is an annual cultural event where the use of vehicles is discouraged. The festival is settled by closing different streets to welcoming organizations, businesses, artist and locals to interact. There are different ways to b

Health and Benefits coverage – Greenshield

Health and Benefits coverage – Greenshield Healthcare is expensive. In a report posted by the Canadian Institute for Health, total health spending was expected to reach $242 billion in Canada by the end of 2017, $6,604 per Canadian. This was an inc

Get Your Insurance with AON

Get a Free Quote and Exclusivity prices from AON. Aon and Latincouver have partnered to offer Latincouver employees and members a group home insurance program. You can enjoy exclusive insurance coverage and preferred rates that save you money. Great


Dulce María Aguilar Ulloa se involucró por primera vez con Cuso International en el 2013 y, hasta el día de hoy, sigue siendo una dedicada voluntaria. La costarricense de 29 años empezó a trabajar con Cuso International mientras estudiaba Relaci


The Inspirational Latin Awards, is an event that acknowledges the outstanding individuals who have given their time and efforts to the Latin American community in BC, and in some cases, internationally, over a significant period of time. Your support

ILAC Nomination Deadline Changed

Amigos! GREAT NEWS! We are extending our deadline until SEPTMBER 16TH! We have had so many of you entering your favourite nominees, we wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to submit their candidates! So, what do you have to do? First, Click on t