Tracking the Covid-19

Is the coronavirus pandemic getting better or worse? Last week, Canada reported more than forty-five thousand new cases of Covid -19.  It is still a large number but represents good news since the data gathered shows a decrease of 19% compared w

COVID-19 testing for air travelers coming to Canada

The Government of Canada introduces a new measure to prevent further introduction and transmission of COVID-19. All passengers five years of age or older will need a test for COVID-19 before travelling to Canada. The Minister of Transport, Honourable

Variants of COVID-19 virus found in the United Kingdom and South Africa

The Government of Canada is closely monitoring the genetic variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 identified in the UK and South Africa, and is working with international partners, including the World Health Organization, to better understand the

Backgrounder: Funding for British Columbia business support services

On November 13, 2020 the Minister of Digital Government and Member of Parliament for Vancouver, the Honourable Joyce Murray, announced over $1.7 million to help support British Columbia’s small and medium-sized enterprises. It is one of the actions

Learn about CanCOVID, an online reliable source of COVID-19 information

In a world flooded with fake news and myths on how to fight coronavirus, it is hard to find a reliable source of information. Whom to trust? That is why the CanCOVID website is so important.CanCOVID is an online community of more than 2.400 researche

A practical guide behavioural research on fake news

As we have all seen and heard, there is a global rise in the spread of misinformation on social media, and there has been some behavioural research on “fake news.” What is fake news, you ask? They are false news headlines that are presented as if

REAL – Rapid Evidence Access Link

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is creating overwhelming demand for accurate information from the health system leaders. The REAL platform goal is to work alongside public and private sector health system leaders to meet that demand by offering relevan

How to fight fake news in times of COVID-19?

The world is facing one of its worst crises during the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease would already be a problem on its own, but due to the fake news that spreads through social media, the issue becomes even more serious

B.C. brings in sweeping new measures to control COVID-19, including mandatory masks

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has announced wide-ranging new rules for controlling the spread of COVID-19. The new orders and guidelines come as another 538 cases of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus have been confirmed in B.C.

Misinformation can do damage!

With everything we hear today about “fake news,” so many opinions, and so many sources of information, it can be hard to distinguish the truth and what is not. To help reduce the misinformation in our society, a team of 22 prominent scholars got