VIFF says good bye to 2018 with an Argentinian film

After 16 consecutive days VIFF came to an end on October 12th; for this special occasion  Latincouver had the honor to assist as a sponsor to the closing screening at the SFU Goldcorp theatre for the movie “El Motoarrebatador” (The Snatch Thief)

Thousands gather in Argentina to watch massive glacier collapse

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Argentina’s massive Perito Moreno glacier this week began the process leading to its cyclical rupture, a spectacular event involving the collapse of huge masses of ice that draw thousands of tourists and that has not

Massive 150 million year old fossil site discovered in Patagonia

Scientists in Argentina announced the “biggest and most diverse” collection of fossils from the Jurassic period ever found. The site, which was discovered four years ago but only made public recently, spans 23,000 square miles in Patagoni

Copa America Centenario 101 – All you need to know about Copa America Centenario

The brightest stars in world soccer are headed to the US next summer, and they’ll be playing for keeps. The US will host the Copa America Centenario in June 2016, with 10 South American national teams joined by six CONCACAF countries – includ

Citibank selling consumer banks in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) – Citibank is planning to sell the consumer banking operations it has operated for a century in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia as South America’s three biggest economies suffer a major downturn. The New York-based bank s

Meet the Latina scientists who helped find Albert Einstein’s gravitational waves

By Rebekah Sager Two Latinas led the scientific team behind this week’s huge announcement involving the gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago. Not since the theory of relativity has such a monumental breakthrough been m

Argentina makes offer to foreign creditors

The Argentine government has made an official proposal to foreign investors holding $9bn (£6.25bn) in bonds the country defaulted on. After five days of negotiations in New York, it offered to pay 75% of the amount awarded by US courts in 2012. The

Enormous Argentinian dinosaur unveiled at NYC’s American Museum of Natural History

For a very long time the biggest thing inside the American Museum of Natural History in New York was the life-sized model of a blue whale hanging inside one of the galleries. Not anymore. Surpassing the blue whale by about 30 feet is a replica of a 1

Argentina presidential election: Mauricio Macri brings conservatives to power

Opposition candidate Mauricio Macri won Argentina’s presidential election on Sunday, marking an end to the left-leaning and often-combative era of President Cristina Fernandez, who along with her late husband dominated the country’s polit