Bolivia: The socialist’s victory assures Morales’s return to the country

With 52,4% of the voters, the political organization called Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) was consecrated victorious in Bolivia. Luis Arce is the leader and the new president elected in the very early hours of this Monday, October 19th. The predece

4 dead, 3 vendors hurt after plane hits market in Bolivia

LA PAZ, Bolivia — Police in Bolivia say a small plane crashed into a market in a town in the country’s north, killing all four people in the aircraft and injuring three vendors on the ground. The Cessna 206 smashed down near the entrance

Cuban Doctors Have Saved 87,000 Lives in Bolivia Since 2006

Cuba is known for sending medical personnel overseas as part of its medical brigade program which was launched during the 1959 Revolution. The Bolivian Health Ministry thanked Friday Cuban doctors and the Cuban government for the solidarity offered t

Copa America Centenario 101 – All you need to know about Copa America Centenario

The brightest stars in world soccer are headed to the US next summer, and they’ll be playing for keeps. The US will host the Copa America Centenario in June 2016, with 10 South American national teams joined by six CONCACAF countries – includ

Exit polls: No vote wins with 51 pct. in referendum on Morales reelection

Exit polls: “No” vote wins with 51 pct. in referendum on Morales’ reelection Bolivians voted Sunday in a referendum on whether to modify the Constitution to allow President Evo Morales to run for a third consecutive term, but –

Bolivia’s second-largest lake has disappeared

Once upon a time, it was Bolivia’s second-largest lake. Today, it has all but vanished. New satellite images have confirmed this. The disappearance of Lake Poopó has dramatic consequences for wildlife – and people. It’s a surreal i

In Pictures: Bolivia’s Colourful Oruro Carnival

People in the Bolivian city of Oruro are gearing up for carnival. This year’s celebrations start on 30 January, but the main days will be on 5, 6 and 7 of February when thousands of people will congregate in Oruro. The carnival dates back more