Brazil Republic Proclamation Day

In April 1500, the Portuguese arrived on the Bahian shores of Rio Buranhém, under the direction of Pedro Alvares Cabral. They saw many indigenous inhabitants upon landing on the beach, these indigenous people greeted them with peace offerings withou

Día de la Proclamación de la República de Brasil

En abril de 1500, los portugueses llegaron a las costas baianas del río Buranhém, bajo la dirección de Pedro Alvares Cabral. Vieron muchos habitantes indígenas al desembarcar en la playa, estos indígenas los recibieron con ofrendas de paz sin sa

Dia da Proclamação da República do Brasil

Em abril de 1500, os portugueses chegaram às margens baianas do Rio Buranhém, sob a direção de Pedro Álvares Cabral. Viram muitos índios ao desembarcarem na praia, esses índios os cumprimentaram com ofertas de paz sem saber que aquele seria o

Independence Day do jeitinho brasileiro

We just love Brazil so much; not only for their delicious food, their incredible people or their party style. They have been gifted with the ability to put a smile on your face with their charm. And because of that its fair to acknowledge some of the

Protesters Across Brazil Call for President Dilma Rousseff’s Ouster

RIO DE JANEIRO — Protesters in cities across Brazil called for the ouster of President Dilma Rousseff on Sunday, reflecting rising anger in the country over huge corruption scandals and a deepening economic crisis. It was the fifth time in the past

Indigenous people in Brazil help create computer game

Indigenous people living in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil have helped to create a new computer game that allows players to explore their history and culture. The Kaxinawa people have collaborated with a team of anthropologists and programmers to ma

CDC Arrives in Brazil to Investigate Zika

Health professionals will finally start a more intense study to see if there really does exist a link between the Zika virus and microcephaly. Health specialists from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention arrived in Brazil Monday to investiga

Copa America Centenario 101 – All you need to know about Copa America Centenario

The brightest stars in world soccer are headed to the US next summer, and they’ll be playing for keeps. The US will host the Copa America Centenario in June 2016, with 10 South American national teams joined by six CONCACAF countries – includ

Citibank selling consumer banks in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) – Citibank is planning to sell the consumer banking operations it has operated for a century in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia as South America’s three biggest economies suffer a major downturn. The New York-based bank s

Brazilian tennis player Bruno Soares wins two Australian doubles titles on same day

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) – Bruno Soares didn’t have much down time between his Australian Open doubles championship matches. No worries, he won them both. On Sunday afternoon, he added the mixed doubles title with Elena Vesnina to the men