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Latincouver works as a plaza latina where our amigos can share information resources, including business listings, local and international opportunities, and sports and cultural events.

Get involved with Latin communities here in BC. All this communities offer different activities in which you can taste Latin culture. Here you can also find various ways to support many good causes for BC and Latin America.

Latincouver bases its operations around Latin America culture and business opportunities to connect BC with opportunities in Latin America. Find with us ways to support local and Latin initiative to improve your world.

While our main purpose Is to connect BC with our countries, we want to offer information and invite you to enjoy the richness of this lands and learn from other local groups that are making a difference in BC and in Latin America.

Our countries

For all Latin American enthusiasts out there wanting to learn more about the rich variety of our famous lands around the world. Latincouver only wants to make sure, you get very familiar with them, visit them and bring that relationship to BC to live that fiesta in your daily routine.

Latin America also offer you a great experience to develop your language skills.

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Our Latin communities in BC

Latincouver supports all the Latin communities in BC actively engaged in responsible activities working for Latin America to promote its culture, collaboration, and the empowerment of people. Discover the sense of unity and fun with all of them. This communities are a little sample of the Latin American life here in BC.

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Local Latin non-profits groups in BC

Connect with Latinos communities that are creating a difference in the province. Here you can find different causes to support, make friends and work with people that share your same passions or ideas.

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Local Latin non-profits groups in Latin America

Latincouver works as a “Plaza Latina” where our “Amigos” can share information resources, including business listings, local and international opportunities, sporting and cultural events.

Come and register for our Latin Plaza, find out where those in your community are. Everyone is welcome to post events and groups.

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