ExpoPlaza - Latin American Trade

Latincouver promotes relationships and cultural exchange among Latin Americans and the Canadian mosaic. Our programs allow you to gain access a central meeting place, hosting business, social and cultural events throughout the year.
Our program Latincouver ExpoPlaza Latina is the premier platform for connecting British Columbian and Latin American organizations to business opportunities through high- energy panel discussions, and networking opportunities throughout our annual conference, and subsequent activities throughout the year.

Latincouver’s ExpoPlaza Latina is a place where you can find information about trade opportunities between companies and organizations in Western Canada and Latin America. ExpoPlaza Latina brings a variety of workshops, conferences and seminars to promote potential partnerships in Vancouver. These are created hand in hand with the Latin American consulates in BC.
In our annual conference ExpoPlaza Latina, you will meet with a variety of professionals and will have the opportunity to network and explore a bigger market for your business. In these events, Latincouver works to bring in professionals capable of explaining in detail about all the requirements needed to take advantage of specific opportunities.

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