It’s time to get the Flu shot!

I got the Flu shot last year; should I get it again? When should I get the Flu shot? Is it worth it to have another shot this year? Where do I get a Flu shot? If you have heard these questions or you question yourself about getting the Flu shot, this article can explain why to get the Flu shot.

At every end of the year, we hear the comment from friends and family, “the Flu season is coming,” as if it was a Game of Thrones (“Winter is coming” in an anticipated slow tone in their voice). This concerns the natural experience of learning, seeing people get sick as the weather cools. “As the weather gets colder, it weakens our immune system, making us more susceptible to infections” (Cleveland Clinic, 2022). So it is no surprise to see people get sick in winter. 

A great way to prevent and reinforce your health is to get the Flu shot, and you are in a perfect time to get it. “Every year, a new flu vaccine is being produced to help with the upcoming Flu season, since sometimes viruses can change over time and the effectiveness of the vaccine can decrease over time.” (Government of Canada, 2022). 

If, by this time, you are still doubting getting the shot, let’s see how much of these doubts are related to myths or lack of information:

First, “If I get the Flu shot, I will get the Flu from the vaccine.”

The government of Canada has mentioned on their official website that people cannot get the flu from the flu shot. 

Second, “I can get a severe reaction from getting the shot.”

People who get a severe reaction are on infrequent occasions. So you can expect some people to have mild side effects and resolve them within days. 

Finally, “I do not know where to get the flu shot.” 

It is straightforward to obtain a date to get the Flu shot. You can get a Flu shot at many places near Vancouver and its surroundings. 

If you need help searching for a place to book your appointment; here is the link to find help:

Make this ending year worried free, starting from making your appointment to get your Flu shot. 

Friendly reminder: 

Even though you get the Flu shot, make worth of the famous layer season and layered yourself in clothes. Long socks, hoodies and toots will make up for it!

By Ana Morales


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