About LCBN Program

Our programs, projects, and activities become the start point to support success, creating opportunities for businesses to connect, cultures to be promoted, people to get empowered and communities being supported. 

Latincouver believes that new businesses and talents support economic growth in BC by creating new opportunities between the province, Canada, and Latin America, so one of Latincouver's first programs, under the Connect Business pillar, is Latin-Canadian Business Network-LCBN. 

For the last 10 years, its main purpose has been the creation of a local community where students, job seekers, newcomers, entrepreneurs, companies, and non–profits receive exclusive benefits from Latincouver and its partners and learn how to utilize their assets and contribute to the local economy.

Through networking business breakfasts and a membership program, people have the opportunity to share experiences and expand their professional connections allowing business to grow and providing an opportunity to tap into Vancouver’s Business Network. It's a plaza of connections.needed for students, entrepreneurs, companies, and innovators to create these opportunities. Latincouver is where all this starts, and the LCBN Program offers the perfect environment to create business opportunities in B.C. and Latin America.

Become a Member

Motivated by the idea of supporting businesses and talents that contribute to the economic growth in BC, we offer a membership program to better help you develop yourself and your business, access networking opportunities, and receive exclusive benefits

With the LCBN, you'll be presented with new opportunities, resources and valuable discounts that will help advance you and your business in the best direction

Networking Event

Latincouver’s signature events include our business networking opportunities, where our members and local entrepreneurs, job seeker, students, newcomers and companies,  can meet, share & grow together

Through LCBN networking events, Latincouver highlights entrepreneurial success stories, that inspire both Latin American entrepreneurs and locals in B.C. and facilitate meaningful connections

This is a great opportunity to expand personal networks and create more business opportunities

Get yourself ready for a 30 seconds presentation to convey who you are, what you do, and how you can make an impact

Don't forget to bring a stack of business cards!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Latincouver works closely with the City of Vancouver, the Federal government, Latin American embassies, chambers of commerce and strong partners for the past 10 years, creating opportunities for experiences to be shared,  connections to be expanded and allowing professionals and business to grow

Get involved with LCBN program and explore opportunities for your brand to reach the Latin-Canadian market and community in BC

Reach newcomers students, job seekers, entrepreneurs or companies,  and provide products and services that help them integrate and get settled in Canada

LCBN Sponsors

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