Settling in BC

Immigrants are a great force for Canada’s economy Canada is a great place to settle down, many people like you have the dream of coming to see their dreams come true. Everything is possible, but we all know all dreams need hard work and dedication.
While many people here in Latincouver are working hard to achieve their goals, we can give you a great list of information useful for you to make important decisions as well as taking in consideration to plan your way to success.

Before you arrive, gather as much information as you can about the possible area of work you might decide to follow, neighbourhoods, weather and immigrant communities as you can, so you can have resources to connect in case you need help. Here are useful pages that might help you get by in British Columbia.

Short Tips

  • If you would like to work here, you have to get a SIN (Social Insurance Number) at Service Canada. Your tax and insurance will be managed by this number and it becomes proof it has the right to work legally in BC. You need to prepare your passport and work visa to apply SIN and you will get during visit for free.

  • When you come to Canada, first thing you need to do is go to bank to open bank account. There is number of bank in BC, and each bank has different benefit. Find out which one is right for you. TD Canada Trust:

    One of the largest banks, you will see many ATM in everywhere which means, is convenience when you need to withdraw.

    RBC Royal Bank:

    This is the biggest bank in Canada. You will see many brunch in downtown but a fee is little bit expensive.


    One of the largest banks in Canada. Sometimes they have a promotion that provide you free movie ticket at Scotiabank theater when you open new account.


    It is good choice if you don’t have lots of money. Account maintenance fee is cheaper compare to other banks.

    Bring two peace of ID like passport. SIN, BCID and International Drive License to open bank account. You need to go to a bank in person and provide with the required documents as a prove to show who you are. If you have student or working holiday visa, bring with you. Also better to remember your address in BC.

  • Living in BC without a BCID can be troublesome because officials can ask to show a piece of ID for identification, banking, prove of age, or prove of identity reasons. BCID is a wallet size card attainable only by the BC residents. A BCID has your photo, signature, and address which is why it is required for identification purposes mostly. To get BCID, visit ICBC with a primary and secondary pieces of ID and pay the fee, will get your picture taken. It usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks before which your BCID will be mailed to you.

  • Driving without a BC driver’s license can be risky. Obtain your BC driver’s license as a New Driver or Get a new BC license based on your existing license.
    Go to Driver Service Center to take a test. It is a multiple choice quiz comprising of 50 questions. To pass the knowledge test you must give at least 40 correct answers out of 50 questions. No worries! you can practice online on the CIBC website, also you can bring dictionary if you don’t have confidence of English.
    After pass knowledge test, you will get “L” (Leaner’s License). You'll need to be a learner for at least 12 months before you can take a road test and graduate to the next level.
    After 1 year practice with supervisor and take the class 7 road test, you will get “N” (Novice License ) which is next stage.
    Finally, you will get full license after two years of safe driving you can pass the class 5 road test and get your full license.

  • If you are planning to stay in Canada for long term, you want to have mobile phone. You might miss a chance to have interview if you don’t have it. There are many type of contract each carrier.


    You won’t be regret your choice. The price is not affordable, but I can guarantee smooth internet connection and clear phone call.


    Canada’s largest LTE net work. Monthly, year, prepaid contract are available. You will never worry about disconnect internet.


    If you are student or just start working, hirley recommend this carrier. Reasonable plan and smooth internet connection but not as much as TELUS and Bell.


    The cheapest choice you can have. Their simple unlimited plans start as low as $25 per month includes unlimited talk and text. However, you might get irritate to internet connection.

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Get a Free Quote and Exclusivity prices from AON. Aon and Latincouver have partnered to offer Latincouver employees and members a group home insurance program

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