Mexico-based Startup Platzi is Teaching Professional Skills to Latin America One Subscriber at a Time

How This Can Increase Employment Opportunities for Latinos By Ma. Elena ( Gone are the days when people are forced to attend time-consuming classes and endure physical training to acquire professional skills. With continued innova

Indigenous people in Brazil help create computer game

Indigenous people living in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil have helped to create a new computer game that allows players to explore their history and culture. The Kaxinawa people have collaborated with a team of anthropologists and programmers to ma

University team translates Firefox into Indian language in Paraguay

A team of linguists and software engineers from Asuncion National University has translated Mozilla’s Firefox browser into Guarani, marking the first time a native Latin American language is included in this type of technology. The project requ

Traditional medicine app debuts in Paraguay

The deep-rooted consumption of medicinal herbs in Paraguay, a legacy of ancestral Guarani healing knowledge, now has an ally in new technology – a mobile app to learn about which herbs to use, when to use them, how to combine plants and even wh