Diana Correa Bonnet, Colombia

Latincouver is a great latin american community. I enjoyed time spent there and, recommend people of any latitudes go there to work. You will meet great people, make friends, make your culture known and, learn from others.
Thank you Latincouver, I carry you in my heart!!!

Diana Correa Bonnet, ColombiaAugust 2018
Dario  Passariello

I love this community, colours, happiness and enjoy of life is everywhere here. This community is strong and powered by great friendship that shine together! :)
PS: technologies are very welcome in this community!... take care!

Dario PassarielloItaly, June 2018
Reza Ghannadan

Latincouver is a great place to meet people, have fun and challenge yourself! I was surprised how much fun and grand the events were. I would highly recommend others looking for a fun and rewarding community to get involved with Latincouver!

Reza GhannadanIran, July 2018
Luciana Skopinski

This was my first experience as a volunteer here in Canada. Volunteering at Latincouver was more than I expected. The connexion and the passion for Latin America made me feel at home. Carnaval del Sol was a weekend with a lot of fun. I will remember and have this memory in my heart, because we, as a team, worked very hard to make this event possible. Ad it was a tremendous success. Thank you Latincouver for everything. I was able to make new friends, share experiences, learn with this amazing team. This opportunity helped me to find a paid job, my first Canadian experience.

Luciana SkopinskiBrazil, August 2018
Marlon Figueroa

Latincouver is truly a Latin square in Vancouver, a gathering place for business and culture. Latincouver has made a great job in featuring the Latin community in BC. Keep it up!!!

Marlon FigueroaParranda Latina - LCPN Member
Ruchita Tolani

It is a great place to work in . You meet difference people from different countries , cultures.Great experience , fun to work with

Ruchita TolaniIndia, July 2018
Sherese Johnson

I served on the board from Latincouver's inception in 2009 until 2013. On a personal level, Latincouver became a connection for my daughter to experience her latin heritage and learn about her cultural roots by learning alongside other volunteers. As an organization, I believe that Latincouver supports newcomers by offering a platform for people to build social capital through the contribution and recognition of their strengths and talents. Latincouver's events attract both established and New Canadians, building reciprocal relationships that help strengthen the equality and diversity of our communities.

Sherese JohnsonPast Board Member
Rob Lim, Msc.

As I expressed my gratitude in the meeting, I want to reiterate my thanks to you guys and Latincouver for giving me a chance of a lifetime to do anything this big and this awesome. I have met some incredible people and learned alot along the way. I learned about my strengths and my weaknesses, all thanks to Latincouver!
this was by far the biggest event I have been apart of in helping organized capacity. The last event I organized was for 64 seniors in a senior house. So Carnaval Del Sol is definitely bigger. I hope I can be apart of this team again next year, I enjoy so much every moment of it and I will forever treasure the experiences and friendships created. With or without me as a coordinator next year, I would like to see the soccer event next year to be even better.
Thanks again for the opportunity, experiences and friendships. I will always support Carnaval Del Sol and Latincouver.

Rob Lim, Msc. Volunteer 2013
Liza Child R

What brought you to Canada? I came from Bogota, Colombia in 2009 to further pursue my passion for design.
How did you know about Latincouver? I discovered Latincouver through one of their Business Breakfasts. I was looking for a job and Paola, always lovely and engaging as she is, offered me to intern at Latincouver helping with their events. It all started with Expoplaza, but soon I was the Event Assistant director for Carnaval del Sol. Working alongside Paola and Pilar Hansen, and everyone on the team was extremely fulfilling. I started friendships with very special people who are so close to my heart. I was able to learn about what happens behind the scenes in planning an event. That experience is invaluable and so is my relationship to Paola and Latincouver.
What was the most interesting part of working with Latincouver? Everyone is welcome!
What challenges you faced, and how did you solve them? Planning Carnaval isn't an easy task, you encounter challenges every day ( sponsors, planning, marketing..etc). One thing I learned from all the amazing volunteers who worked with me is; if you fall, you always get back up. No need for crying over spilled milk, we were always keen and positive in finding alternatives and solutions to any challenge.
Does the experience gained in Latincouver helps your in current job or life? ABSOLUTELY! I will be forever grateful for my experience in Latincouver. I am grad that if you add more information of you!
I am currently opening my own business in graphic design and event decor. My passion for design, illustration and calligraphy have finally convinced me to become my own boss. Currently I am working on my website and products, hoping they will be available soon for you to see!

Liza Child RVolunteer 2012 - 2013
Diana Marcela Baquero

Latincouver is a well recognized professionally organization in Vancouver. When I immigrated lot of Latino and non Latino people referred me to Latincouver; I went there and received a warm welcoming to Canada and to the organization. People are friendly and willing to give a hand when you might need it. I felt I was part of a family and now after 5 years I still can count on. I really enjoy of social and cultural events Latincouver promote. Volunteering in a Carnaval del sol I met my soul mate who I have a growing family with today. Professionally I found lot of opportunities to explore, network and develop my dreams and goals; today I own successful business. This association provides me with a lot of support during the daily activities and business engagements. We referred each other and participate in various community opportunities to expose and grow our businesses. As an individual and as a business Latincouver addressed me through various resources of all kind that helped me to settled in Canada as my new country and consolidate my skills offering my services to the community not only through my business but volunteering. Thanks to Latincouver to all your passion and hard work to create la Plaza Latina for us.

Diana Marcela BaqueroCEO SmartBooks Consulting
Zoraida and Gustavo

We are a couple from Colombia that arrived to Vancouver from Calgary one year ago. Latincouver gave us the opportunity to be volunteers at ​Latincouver. Our first task was to help them with the 2015 Carnaval del Sol organization. The experience has been amazing and valuable. We could not believe that hundreds of people from different ages, cultures, nationalities and background, acting also as volunteers, work together with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, putting their skills, ideas, knowledge, and efforts to the same cause while promoting tolerance and diversity. In addition, the experience of analyzing the lessons learning after the event and collecting the group opinions and critics in order to improve the Carnaval has been an incredible sample of recognition and acceptance of what has been done through a great exercise designed also by a volunteer. We have also participated in the activities that Latincouver has made during the year to recognize the volunteer’s work. There, we met with all friends and made new ones, received information about Latincouver new events and plans, and had a lot of fun. It is like to have a family and be part of a great community. Volunteering at Latincouver has allowed us to make a lot of friends, expand our network, improve our social skills, renew our creativity, motivation and vision, and continue with our professional life while having referrals.

Zoraida and GustavoVolunteers 2015
Lisa Mighton

Latincouver is a dynamic organization that makes important contributions in the cultural and business sectors, to Vancouver and to Canada. My work with Latincouver has led to expanded work opportunities for me. The Carnaval del Sol event is one that I love and try not to miss, the multi-spectrum cultural fiesta is just fun, fun, fun. This 50,000-people-per-day event draws Lower Mainlanders to a massive celebration of Latin American art, music, dance performances, street dancing, sport, food and fashion. Carnaval del Sol can also be proud of being a green event, and a strong supporter of the city’s effort toward becoming the world’s greenest city by 2020.

Lisa MightonLatitudemedia.ca
Ivan Ho

A big thank you for being my reference, I had heard back from the company and they decided to offer me a job. Although I had gotten the job offer and couldn't come to Latincouver on Friday anymore, but it doesn't mean that it's the completion of my volunteering with Latincouver. I'll still be honoured and delighted to work and volunteer for Latincouver in the future! Please don't hesitate to contact me , Thank you for the past four months, it is a very valuable experience for me, and id love to keep volunteering in Latincouver and keep in touch with this great and warm organization. Thank you for the opportunity

Ivan HoVolunteer - 2016
Brendan Brock

This year, I was so incredibly impressed by the very hard work and passion that everyone put into making this a truly magical and successful event. I love the other world that Carnaval becomes for people. This year it was clear the team went to another level of professionalism, organization and thought and I am so proud to be a part of this amazing group of very talented people!!

Brendan Brock
Alexandre Brabant

There are so many great memories from this weekend. I will never forget this one, the best execution of the CSOL ever because of this great team of passionate people working together to the promotion of the latin culture that I love and belong to. You also brought tears in my eyes. You guys are the greatest team I have ever been part of as you fill my heart with joy and gratitude. Muchas gracias por todo. Alex

Alexandre Brabant
Giuseppe Sarmiento

Great team with great energy. I’ll be helping Latincouver with their up coming events. Latincouver provides a friendly environment and great networking opportunities.

Giuseppe SarmientoMay 2018
Sudipti Katwal

Latincouver is a great place to work at and it was a pleasure to be a part of this organization. The people are very friendly and supportive, the work culture is amazing. The quality of work is great with challenging projects, and various opportunities to learn and improve professional skills. And I really appreciate the opportunity to work here and contribute in whatever way I could. My best wishes to Latincouver & the team for all their future endeavours.

Sudipti KatwalMarketing team
Sherry He

Latincouver is a fun, energetic and professional organization. I enjoyed my working there and knowing different people and embracing difference culture.

Sherry HeGraphic designer
Ana Lucia Martinez

thanks to all of you at Latincouver for making me feel at home! Viva Latinoamérica!

Ana Lucia Martinez
Malcolm Aiken

Bravo! Amazing team work. An incredible group of people making Disney moments :) Congrats on magical weekend!

Malcolm Aiken
Jiddu Rivadeneira

It is a pleasure for me to be part of this team, to be able to help a bit here and there from the far east. I really LOVE! to work with you guys specially with these two crazy Colombian women Pao and Nati, who can move mountains just with their passion and positive energy.

Jiddu Rivadeneira


Bonnie Quam

Thanks so much for the complimentary invitation to your Inspirational Latino Awards Gala on June 28th. What a wonderful event! It was inspiring to learn about the Hispanic community in Vancouver and the amazing people who make contributions personally, artistically and professionally. My son and I had a marvelous time. In spite of the rain we did well on the weekend! Congratulations on all of your hard work and cultural presence in Vancouver. Again my warmest thanks and best wishes to all of you!!

Bonnie QuamMarketing - Costco
Joel Solomon

Latincouver has, through events like Carnaval del Sol, enriched the social climate in the Lower Mainland for all the communities, not only the Latin Community.

Joel SolomonChairman, Renewal Funds