Latincouver was officially created in 2009. The process that led to that day is here for you to enjoy with us.

2008 - Latin Plaza?


In 2008 Paola Murillo and a group of friends felt there was a need for Latinos to feel more welcome in our City. A Latin plaza was in the works. The name “Latincouver” just sounded right, the perfect mix between Latinos and Vancouver.

2009 - Latincouver's Born


We were welcomed within the Latin American communities in 2009 with a huge launch Party. Latincouver ”The Virtual Plaza in BC” was officially born. We presented our 1st Carnaval del Sol in Vancouver at the Hellenic Community.

2010 - 2nd Carnaval del Sol


Our 2nd Carnaval del Sol had its first outdoors edition at Strathcona Park. We celebrated other events. Latincouver also hosted the 1st Halloween party. Our 1st Website version was introduced.

2011 - Green Events


The strong support from Latin American Consulates and BC Government helped us growing tremendously. The Colombian Consulate gave us recognition for our efforts. We had David Suzuki as our main speaker at the 3rd edition of Carnaval del Sol, held for the 1st time at Granville Street. The same year our Director, Paola Murillo, received an award as one of 10 most influential Latin in Canada.

2012 - ExpoPlaza & Inspirational


Another special year for Latincouver. We launched 2 new events. First Expoplaza Latina was created to explore the business liaisons between Canada & Latin America. After The Inspirational Latin Awards will see the light of this city to recognize outstanding Latin personalities thriving in our Province. This year Carnaval del Sol was extended to a 2 – day event, one day was no enough for that much fun.

2013 - Official Recognition


The city of Vancouver got its eye on Latincouver establishing this series of events as the 1st “Latin American Week”, an official recognition from the City. The certification was given to Latincouver while the 5th edition Carnaval del Sol. The website continued developing and Expoplaza Latina 2013 had more presence in the business hub of Vancouver.

2014 - 10 Most Influential & More


Latincouver was honoured to host and present the 10 Most Influential Hispanic Canadians Ceremony celebrated for the 1st time in Vancouver. This year our work was being eyed by other levels of the government, we received the “Latin American Week” proclamation by the BC Government.

2015 - Seminar Series


In pursuing of a better knowledge of Latin American & Canadian Businesses culture in Vancouver, we developed ‘Expoplaza Latina – Seminar series’ throughout 2015 with the strong support of the Latin American Consulates. Carnaval del Sol became needed a better location to be able to host attendees coming from further corners of Metro Vancouver, we change locations of Carnaval del Sol from Granville Street to Concord Pacific Place.

2016 - Latin Innovation Hub


In Latin America, the 'plaza' in each town is a physical space where people gather to talk about everything, from personal lives to cultural events and business developments. Becoming this 'plaza' has always been the goal of Latincouver. After much door-knocking, in 2016 we are finally seeing the reality of our physical plaza, a place which we call The Latin Innovation Hub. It was the Iranian community, another woman entrepreneur and her family owner of commercial real state company Palagon who gave us a hand to make our dream come true, in a building space for Latinos and Latin enthusiasts to have a common business and cultural space to build their own dreams and objectives in BC. We believe this is a first in Canada… a local hub that is a place for entrepreneurs with a Latin American connection.