Strategies, Tips and tools for success in the digital age

The Music Hack!  was an initiative that aimed to enhance the digital knowledge and skills of artists through a series of 8 online masterclasses and a final hackathon with 6 workshops that took place from January 16, 2021 to May 31, 2021. Latincouver and TrebleFive were partners in this project that sought to  enhance the skills of local musicians and to showcase the richness of the Canadian music scene to a broader digital audience.


This masterclass with Neyva De Ita provided artists with the tools and processes to
create a successful crowdfunding campaign and find money for their projects.

How to successfully (crowd) fund your creative project

Hosted by

Neyva de Ita

In this workshop, Pablo Zacarias helped the participants to find their uniqueness and
resilience as a creative artist.

How to develop your unique personal brand as an artist

Hosted by

Pablo Zacarías

This masterclass with Adam Popowitz provided insight into how an independent
record label releases new music and covered the critical marketing and production elements
essential to getting your music heard.

Music Business 2025: Prepare for the Future

Hosted by

Adam Popowitz

This masterclass with Boogat was about improving your sound by thinking
frequencially and making better use of instrument registers when composing with the computer.

Frequency & Rhythm: Enhance your Sound

Hosted by


Vocalist, songwriter and visual artist Katherine Penfold explained how to
collaborate with other musicians online using Instagram, learning how to record your
collaboration and then post it through your social media platforms.

Online Music Collaboration: Becoming collab savvy

Hosted by

Katherine Penfold

This workshop with Malcolm Aiken focused on exploring ways to effectively
communicate your practice or project and finding new ways to generate and sustain your artistic

Grants & Goals: Making a case for your ART

Hosted by

Malcolm Aiken

In this masterclass Paul Clark discussed that while there is no perfect method for
‘breaking through,’ there are some necessary steps artists can take which can remarkably
improve your exposure and get you more gigs.

How to find success booking your band​

Hosted by

paul clark

In this workshop, Mariano De Luca talked about how to produce and organize the
content of his course. Participants learned advertising concepts and how to apply them to their
product and promotional speech.

How to build and sell your own online music course

Hosted by

Mariano de Luca