We can take a look back to realize how far we have come, the knowledge that we have acquired, and the cultural power that we have built.

Tourism and Hospitality

The Tourism & Hospitality Employment Program is 100% funded by the Employment Social Development Canada in partnership with Latincouver, Acsenda, ISSBC to generate a unique opportunity to learn about this industry with our 24 weeks program. The training’s objective is to provide our community the skills and knowledge needed to get employment in the Tourism & Hospitality sector.

This program consists of 4 cohorts. The first one started in April 2022 and was successfully completed, and the second one starts this September, 2022.

 Participate and learn more here: https://www.latincouver.ca/tourismandhospitality/ 





Network Administrator

Empowering people became one of our priorities during the covid pandemic, Latincouver partnered with Western Community College (WCC) and with the Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) to offer 12 participants the opportunity for free to gain a certificate and start working in the IT field.

Along with knowledge and certifications, you’ll have the unique opportunity to do a work placement and we will follow up with you during your job search.

This program is 100% funded by the Province of British Columbia. Click here: http://www.latincouver.ca/networkadmin

Information sessions 

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