Connecting Business in Latin America and BC

Latincouver is motivated by the idea of new businesses supporting economic growth in BC by creating new opportunities between the province, Canada, and Latin America.

A physical space in BC, a plaza, is needed for entrepreneurs, companies, and innovators to create these opportunities. Latincouver is where all this starts.

Here you can have a glimpse of our activities. Find out all the benefits we can bring to your business.


Latin-Canadian Professional Network

Our business plaza was created to offer you the perfect environment to start, develop, and succeed in the BC market.

Latin-Canadian Professional Network (LCPN) is a concept created by Latincouver where you can find professionals like you who want to embark in the entrepreneurial world.

This is a strong network of professionals organized in a business directory where detailed information of our members and their services is shared.

If you are a BC entrepreneur and want to explore a rich new market in BC, this is the place for you to start in order to amplify your message and power your brand.

Monthly Networking LCPN Breakfast

Start your day with a tasty breakfast while expanding your connections in the entrepreneurial world. This monthly event follow a special structure to guarantee you to make connections and find new ideas for your brand.

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ExpoPlaza Latina

A series of seminars where you can find information about trade opportunities between companies and organizations in Western Canada and Latin America. These are created hand in hand with the Latin American consulates in BC.

In these seminars held throughout the year, Latincouver gather amazing professionals from all over Latin America to present and explain in detail the requirements to seize these opportunities.

All these events are great occasions for networking and introducing your product or business in a growing new market.

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Business Directory

Find here a variety of professional services and products, and take advantage of exclusive offers with Amigo Card!

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Starting a Business

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