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Latincouver is a place to grow.

We all have dreams, and for many immigrants, it is very difficult to get a job similar to the one they had in their home country. When this happens, volunteer work is a great opportunity to gain experience in Canada and participate in a very rewarding activity.

In order to become a volunteer, you need to be engaged in the activity on which you are about to embark. Although volunteering may not be financially rewarding, it can provide attractive and invaluable experience on your resume.

This experience can push your career in the right direction, and the references you receive for your work as a volunteer are invaluable. As a volunteer, you will be able to showcase your talents in many collaborative projects and events all while gaining experience for your own benefit and the benefit of future employment opportunities. At Latincouver, there are no limits to what you can do!

You will work in an office where the music is always on, the people are friendly, and where the smile on your face is the first requirement.

Latincouver is a physical place where friendships are started and even love begins. We believe this is an opportunity nobody wants to miss.
You only need to give us the best of you, commit to an amazing purpose and enjoy your time with us.

Latincouver works with multiple events and projects during the year, for this reason we ask a minimum commitment of our possible volunteers or interns.
All volunteers are provided with orientation and training.

Positions Available

This they say about us

Bárbara Reinaldo — “Working at Latincouver was a new and enjoyable experience. A friendly and welcoming team that shared their expertise with me and allowed me to learn and practice. It was a great opportunity!”
Trang Mai — “I enjoyed my time at Latincouver and I had a chance to learn a lot about social media marketing. Thank you for the opportunity!”
Silja Staab — “I really enjoyed volunteering for Latincouver. The team was always super friendly and the atmosphere was great. If I had the opportunity, I would come back and work with you again.”
Carolina Rodriguez Gill — “Latincouver is a dynamic, colorful and professional organization. I enjoyed my working there and I was impressed by the hard work and passion that everyone put into making Carnaval del Sol a truly magical and successful event. I was proud to be”
Alexis Ahn — “It was such a great opportunity for me to work in a great group of hard-working, fun, and passionate people. I learned a great deal about Latin America in general, and made many friends. I will take away this amazing summer experience with me wherever I go next :).”
Joana Prates — “Working at Latincouver gave me the opportunity to start my career as a UI/UX designer in Canada what was essential to land a good job.”


  • Minimum three (3) month commitment
  • Minimum of 3 days per week, 4 or 5 hours
  • Advanced or Intermediate English level
  • Microsoft Office (Google Drive, Word, Powerpoint, Excel)

What can I gain from this experience?

  • Work experience in a fast-paced environment, working on interesting projects
  • Reference letter after completing 3 months
  • New valuable connections, new friends
  • Participation in our team
  • English practice
  • Discounts on tickets or free access to our events
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