Over 16 Years Building the Latin American Plaza in BC

For over 16 years, Latincouver has work towards building bridges between cultures, fostering understanding, and creating opportunities for individuals to fulfill their potential. From organizing vibrant cultural events to providing resources, education and support to newcomers, Latincouver plays a pivotal role in enriching the lives of Latin American immigrants and the wider community. 

We need your support to continue working for Latin American immigrants in B.C.

Your contribution will empower community members of all ages, providing them with the opportunity to access educational and job prospects, engage in cultural and community activities, and most importantly, establish vital social connections and a sense of belonging. This fosters the well-being of immigrants and enhances their chances of successfully adapting to life in Canada.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a meaningful difference in the lives of many. Together, let us create a more inclusive community where everyone can flourish

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