Executive Director

Paola Murillo is a resourceful Marketing and International Business Development executive with over 16 years of global experience, supporting the delivery and planning of all kinds of marketing projects, including events, advertising, product launches, internal communication, and public relations. She has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Business from the University of Kentucky and a MBA in International Business from the Ecole de Management in Grenoble, France. Paola speaks fluently in English, French, and Spanish.

Originally from Colombia, Paola immigrated to Canada in 2005 with a dream in mind: to merge her business expertise with her passion of helping her community in achieving their goals in Canada. Her dream was realized in 2008 when she founded Latincouver and created a virtual “plaza” for Latinos to gather and connect with locals and other members of their community.

In Latincouver, her achievements include: organizing the biggest Latin American festival in the Pacific Northwest, “Carnaval del Sol”, which reunites more than 100,000 people every year; the “Latin Inspirational Awards”, a biannual celebration for recognized or influential Latinos in British Columbia; the Expoplaza Latina seminars, which addresses business relationships between Canada and Latin America; the Latin Canadian Professional Network, helping Canadian and Latin entrepreneurs to connect; and in 2016, the culmination of Latincouver’s physical plaza, the Latin Innovation Hub, office spaces for Latin or Canadian entrepreneurs doing business in Latin America.

Obtaining Canadian citizenship in 2010, her work in Latincouver bestowed her with the Mary Ozolins Award by the British Columbia Women’s Liberal Commission of the Liberal Party of Canada in 2015, the New Canadian Entrepreneur Award by the Ethno Business Council of British Columbia in 2014, and the prestigious recognition as one of the 10 Most Influential Hispanics in Canada by the Canadian Hispanic Business Alliance in 2010.

Paola is also director of Mirrai International Consulting, an intercultural marketing firm which specializes in transactions between British Columbia and Latin America, offering an ample range of marketing, communication, and public relations services. Mirrai is the bridge that brings together British Columbian clients and Latin American enterprises by offering specialized knowledge in marketing and communication, and how to reach those specific markets at cultural and geographical level.

In addition, Paola is an advisor for the Government of British Columbia in the Ministry of Intercultural Exchange and for the political party Vision Vancouver and a member of Vancouver’s Multicultural Advisory Committee.