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It is not a secret that Canada is a country that is more “progressive” than countries in Latin America, especially when it comes to accepting members of the LGBTQ2+. In many countries in Latin America not being straight is something to be ashamed of according to the social rules that are established, and while the social rules are becoming more inclusive, it still has a long way to go in order to be a place to truly be free.

Many people coming to Canada are here to study or work, but eventually fall in love with the city and everything it has to offer. This was the case of Pedro Avila, who came to study Marketing and had the plan of studying two years and then returning to Mexico, but eventually decided to stay and settle in Vancouver. When asked what helped the change of heart for him, he mentioned the fact that Canada’s quality of life is better, especially if you are not identified as straight.  “Mexico has always been like, “don’t be too loud”, while in Canada it’s more of, ” be you.”

In other cases, people already come to Canada with the idea of staying no matter what, this was the case of Jorge Rodriguez, an entrepreneur and volunteer at Latinos y Amigos. Jorge came with his partner to Vancouver because of the need not be limited by the roles society establishes to you, but instead, to put the limits themselves. “In Mexico, if you are openly gay, you are expected to work on hair-salon, or at a nightclub, I wanted and I knew I could be way more,” mentions Jorge. “In Vancouver the community is not only tighter, but also adapts its rules so everyone feels at home.”

Canada has slowly become a place which anyone can call home, no matter sexual orientation, place of birth, or skin color. “The inclusivity has to be awarded by the amount and exposure of countless cultures in Vancouver,” said Pedro. “In Vancouver, been gay more than a fight, is something to celebrate about,” said Jorge with a big smile on his face.

Israel Lobo

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