Bohemian Nights

Latincouver seniors

 What do good music, nostalgia and the experience of a whole generation have to do with it?  Everyone will be gathering at Bohemian Nights, a Latincouver event.

 Adults represent all the accumulated experience of an older generation, which enriches and supports the current generation. Wise advice, a good anecdote or simply the company of someone who has learned to listen.

 All of the above is part of what seniors have developed over time, but in addition to that value, they continue to play a fundamental role in Canadian society.  Older people are a very important part of the volunteer groups in different areas, in addition to allowing both social and economic life to take its course.  By collaborating on all those tasks that we don’t usually think about, what would happen if they stopped? Like babysitting, housework, housekeeping, and yard work. Could we continue with all the activities that older people carry out?

 Speaking of the issue of volunteering, the elderly are very active, since it is estimated that around 60% of this group of people collaborate with an institution as volunteers. A higher percentage, compared to that of some younger age ranges.

 That is why it is vital to always take into account the work of older adults, and with Bohemian Nights, we want to recognize and celebrate them.  This pleasant evening will be accompanied by good music by Frankie Hidalgo.

 Frankie Hidalgo has been an active member of the Western Canadian music community for the past 15 years.  His repertoire ranges from the joy of traditional Latin American music to the most sophisticated notes of jazz, making us relive pleasant moments through our memories.

 Save the date, because we already have an appointment on the 9th of June at 6:00 pm.

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 Join us in celebrating our seniors in Canada!

 Jonathan Fuentes


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