Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has written a letter extending a warm welcome to this October’s celebrations of “Latin Heritage Month”

“This month’s festivities offer everyone a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Latin America, and to recognize the significant contributions that Canadians of Latin American descent continue to make to our country in all fields of endeavour.” These were the words of Justin Trudeau when referring to the month of October and his long-awaited celebrations that commemorate the Latin American community.

Referring to the Latino community in Canada and the cultural diversity of this country, the Prime Minister said the following: “Canada is a nation defined by and celebrated for its pluralism. Events such as this one remind us that our country is made great not in spite of its diversity, but because of it”

The letter ends with a few warm words and with best wishes for this month full of celebrations.

Taking advantage of this letter, we want to invite you on behalf of Latincouver to our series of events and Workshops that we will be holding throughout the month of October.

For more information about the calendar and how to register, go to:

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