Cinco de Mayo

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo has become a party for all Latin people living in the United States and Canada, as a recognition and many times as an excuse, to drink, eat and party as a Latino.
But let’s spread  knowledge about what really happened that day.

The Battle of Puebla

May 5th, (Cinco de mayo) it is the day of the Battle of Puebla. Benito Juarez became president of Mexico in 1861. The country needed to pay some of the loans contracted years before with  Britain, Spain  and France. Britain and Spain sent forces to Veracruz and after negotiation with the Mexican government, went back in peace ; with France, was a different story.

Later that year,the government of France, run by Napoleon III, decided to send a troop of  6000 of french soldiers to the city of Puebla de Los Angeles, led by General Charles Latrille de Lorencez.
Juarez reacted to the invasion with an improvised group of 2000 Mexican men led by General Ignacio Zaragoza.

The battle took place on May 5th of 1862. The French army was heavily armed, but could not defeat the Mexican attack.  The success of this battle at Puebla represented a great symbolic victory for the Mexican government, fortifying the defensive tactic of the Mexican population.

After the battle, the french army stayed in Puebla. Napoleon sent Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, as emperor of Mexico in 1864. The French only left Puebla in 1867 thanks to the support of the United States’ army, when Ferdinand Maximilian was captured and executed.

Mexicans decided their future and avoided to become a colony of France in this battle, but for some reason, Cinco de Mayo in Mexico is only celebrated in the state of Puebla, with military parades, but for the rest of Mexico do not acknowledge the day as an official holiday.

The celebration in the United States

Cinco de Mayo started to be recognized in the United States in 1960 as an product of a campaign started by American citizens of Mexican roots (Chicanos)  who identified with that part of the history where Americans and Mexican fought together to end the invasion of France in Mexico.
Now days, this day is a celebration of the Mexican culture and their influence in United States and Canada, especially in cities with high population of Latinos like Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Vancouver and Toronto.

Now come and celebrate with us, Cinco de Mayo now is a party!!

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