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tourism and hospitality

The Tourism & Hospitality Employment Program is 100% funded by the Employment Social Development Canada in partnership with Latincouver, Acsenda, ISSBC to generate a unique opportunity to learn about this industry with our 24 weeks program. The training’s objective is to provide our community the skills and knowledge needed to get employment in the Tourism & Hospitality sector.



If you are unsure whether this is the right program for you, join our free orientation sessions. During the orientation you will be able to ask questions and clear doubts, meet the team behind the program, interview past participants and make sure that this Tourism and Hospitality program will provide all the skills and knowledge that you need to thrive in a career in this exciting industry.

Choose between an in person orientation scheduled for next Monday, August 15th at 5pm at our Latincouver Offices in Gastown, or if you’d rather connect online via zoom on Tuesday, August 16th at 10am.



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To be eligible to apply you need to be a Canadian Citizen or PR or be a protective person legally entitled to work in Canada. You’ll go through a screening process with our team members to confirm eligibility. Women, youth and visible minorities will have priority to be confirmed in the program.


Since the program will start on September and you’ll need to go through a screening process first, hurry up and apply now! It will last 24 weeks on a hybrid format in person and online, from 9 to 13hs. 

Program details: ​

During our 24 weeks program, you’ll review:

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Leave us your information and we’ll contact you to go through the screening process.

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