Happy Siblings Day. Love U, Sis


By Amelia Flores (Copywriter)

One of my very first memories as a child, besides my mom’s smile, is from a birthday. There was music and a lot of people, cake and fun. Someone was holding my hand and guiding me through a myriad of relatives and neighbours. I remember grabbing a handful of curly hair and laughing at the squeal that followed. I also recall feeling safe enough to sleep on a shoulder while that person smiled and hummed a song. 

Later, I realised that this person was my older sister: my “tata,” my confidant and my hero. When I was sick, she comforted me, played with me, and watched for the hundredth time the same animated movies I loved. She was also my accomplice to almost every prank, the one who taught me how to use an eyelash curler without hurting my eyes (I was a VERY clumsy teenager), and the one who bought me ice cream and chocolates to cope with my first breakup. 

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine. We used to fight a lot too. She nagged me every time I threw a tantrum or when I was too lazy to finish my homework. She yelled at me once after I borrowed and ruined her favourite blouse, not to mention the one time that she ratted me out to dad for that “bad boy” I was dating. 

But she has always been there for me. Even now, as we are two adults living thousands of kilometres away from each other, she knows how to make me feel safe and cared for. 

Siblings Day has brought me so many fond memories of her… 

Also known as Brothers and Sisters Day, this is a worldwide celebration and recognition of siblings. Siblings Day is celebrated in several countries, including Canada, Australia and Brazil, among others. 

It was created by Claudia Evart, a freelance paralegal from the USA. Evart was motivated to start Siblings Day after losing both her brother and her sister in separate accidents. The date of Siblings Day, April 10, marks the birthday of her sister, Lisette. She wants the worldwide public to recognize this day as a day of celebration of the brother and sister relationship. 

Depending on the circumstances, celebrating Siblings Day might be a fun, enjoyable occasion, even if it brings some bittersweet recollections because they passed away. 

The essence of this day is acknowledging and appreciating one’s brothers and sisters. Siblings Day can be celebrated by calling a sibling, or sending a card or a gift. It might be necessary to take time to be sad if needed, to remember and be thankful or maybe to take a look at those old childhood photographs and share them with others in the family. Siblings Day might even be the right time to put together a scrapbook to hold pictures, memories and stories of beloved brothers and sisters. 

Today I’m going to cook potaje de frijoles because it is my sister’s favourite dish and food is my way of showing love. Then I’ll call her, and she’ll probably criticize my choice of ingredients: “With potatoes!? What’s wrong with you?” Traditions are important, you know. Others will embrace the nostalgia of the moments spent with siblings, no longer with them. 

Whatever your situation is, take the time to honour this special bond. Be grateful, because life allowed you to hold your sister’s hand or play catch with your brother. Forgive their mistakes and tease them with embarrassing childhood memories. Take the phone and say “I love you, sis” or “Take care, bro”. 

Happy Siblings Day.

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