Inspirational Latin Award Nomination Information

The Inspirational Latin Award is given to outstanding individuals who have made a marked contribution to the Latin American community in BC, and in some cases, internationally, over a significant period of time.


The awards are conferred in the following categories:


Category 1: Business Entrepreneur Award

A Latin American who has gone the extra mile to promote, enhance and facilitate all sorts of changes in the business community. He/she has committed tremendously to attain goals in helping the BC economy grow and flourish by proposing new concepts, creating employment opportunities or other initiatives.

Category 2: Arts & Culture Award

A Latin American who has shown exceptional support and commitment to a cultural, environmental or artistic cause. His/her outstanding contribution in service has truly inspired others to realize that they too can make a difference in others’ lives.

Category 3: Waldo Briño Award

Waldo Briño is an award to recognize people who work to support the Latin American community and make an impact in his/her own community.

Category 4: Sports and Athletic Award

A Latin American who has provided meaningful contributions to sports as a leader, builder, advocate, etc. His/her hard work and dedication in the athletic field has inspired other generations.

Category 5: Non-Latino making an impact Award

An altruistic member of the society donating generously to the growth of the Latin American community. He or she is knowledgeable about the community and its people, and has shown tremendous dedication to Hispanic Canadians throughout an extended period of time.

Category 6: Innovation & Sustainability Company Award

A local company developing sustainable or innovative business in Latin America. This company is a leading example in positive change and responsibility for other companies.

Nomination Criteria:

He or she has achieved outstanding success in her field by:

  • Being a leader and role model
  • Breaking new ground or old barriers
  • Participating actively as a volunteer
  • Guiding, supporting and encouraging the development of other
  • Showing vision, creativity and initiative
  • Making a sustained commitment and significant difference
  • Being respected by her community for her contributions
  • Donating time, expertise and/or financial support
  • Not receiving direct or indirect financial or other compensation for the service

How do I make a nomination?

Complete all steps on the nomination form, including:

Step 1: Nominee and nominator contact information ( you cannot nominee yourself)
Step 2: Category you are nominating and a summary of achievements (250 to 500 words maximum)
Step 3: Nominee’s biography and curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum)
Step 4: Submit the Nomination Form and all additional material to

How are the nominees and recipients chosen?

The Nominations Committee ( 5 judges) will reviews all submissions for completeness and eligibility. All accepted nominations are forwarded to an independent Judging Panel. The Nominations Committee and Judging Panel reserve the right to withhold an award in any category. Latincouver reserves the right to move nominees into another category if it is deemed suitable. All nominees will be advised in writing of the eligibility of their application.

How are the nominees recognized?

Award recipients will be acknowledged in an evening gala. Tickets for guests will be available on our website. The Inspirational Latin Awards recognizes those with outstanding achievement and contributions in shaping B.C.’s economy and cultural developments. Awards of different categories (art, business, non-Latino, Waldo Briño Award, athletics, and local company) are given annually to exceptional individuals and companies, who play an innovative and leading role in the community.

Our judges are leaders in Vancouver’s community, coming from a variety of different backgrounds, from consulates to entrepreneurs.

4th Annual Inspirational Latin Awards (2015) Winners

Arts & Culture Award

Marlin and Fito are award­ winners songwriters and singers, including a nomination for Juno Awards, the highest award in the Canadian industry.born in Guatemala and long­date Vancouverites. Marlin and Fito’s main goal is to bring people happiness, education and hope through their music.

Business Entrepreneur Award

Pepe Barajas was raised among a family of successful entrepreneurs in Mexico. He studied Marketing and Business, and most recently, he just finished a Project Management course at the UBC. Pepe prides himself in running professional businesses that add value to BC’s economy. He has created many direct and indirect jobs in markets that were not being serviced in Whistler before. He deserves to be acknowledged as his progress and success, together with his strategic business plans, serve as motivation for other Latin people to succeed in BC.

Innovation & Sustainability Company Award

Bradford is the CEO of Endeavour Silver Corp., a Vancouver ­based mid tier mining company. Sustainability is an integral part of how Endeavour Silver conducts its business, and the company has been awarded numerous times: distinction as a Socially responsible company; annual certification by the Mexican Philanthropy Centre, the Alliance for Social Responsibility in Mexico, among others.

Non-Latino making an impact Award

Anne Bethune is the president of Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports, a non­profit that provides skiing/snowboarding programs for people with disabilities. Anne strives to live a truly passionate and purposeful life while supporting others to do the same regardless of their ability, culture or status.

Sports and Athletic Award

Marcus Aurelio is a Capoeira master, born in Brazil and currently living in Vancouver. Marcus is one of the most influential capoeira players in the world, and has represented the art in MMA fights, including a 2.5 million views youtube video. Marcus and Axe Capoeira donate services and performance groups to many charities, including the Canucks Autism Foundation as well as multiple non­profit organizations in Brazil.

Waldo Briño Award

Javier Barajas works as a volunteer facilitator, mentoring Latino youth in Chicago, and more recently, in Vancouver. He has also made significant contributions to Flamenco Rosario and Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. This year, Javier started a project called “Lazos Hispanos”. He is also the board advisor of the Mexican Talent of British Columbia.