New Pablo Milanes discs feature Cuban songs from years gone by

Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes has recorded two new discs of songs from the Cuba of yesteryear, soon to be on the market and prepared with the collaboration of composer-pianist Jose Maria Vitier, who has revealed some details about the productions.

“Cancion de Otoño” and “Flor Oculta de la Vieja Trova” are the titles of the albums on which Milanes vocalizes numbers from Cuba’s musical history that are either little known or totally forgotten, the state news agency Prensa Latina cited Vitier as saying.

The musician also said that of the 18 songs included on the album “Flor Oculta de la Vieja Trova,” some 80 percent are practically unknown.

On that disc, Milanes sings numbers accompanied by Vitier on piano – the musicians were out to bring that musical instrument back to the Cuban trova style, traditionally played on guitar.

Pablo Milanes, 72, who was one of the founders of the Cuban Nueva Trova movement in the 1960s, has recorded almost 50 solo discs throughout his artistic career, with some of his most memorable hits being “Años,” “Yo Me Quedo,” “Trovadores,” “Proposiciones” and, among the most recent, “Renacimiento” (2013) and “Cancion de Otoño” (2015).

Source: EFE

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