Support programs for Latino immigrants in Canada

Join our campaign so that we can continue working for Latin American immigrants in Vancouver.

For the 15 years, Latincouver has supported the amazing work of Latin Americans and immigrants in our local community. We are committed to create a multicultural space that encourages all to embrace inclusion, anti-racism, and equity.

Our programs assist Latino immigrants and residents in Canada. Carnaval del Sol is a platform for artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services while celebrating the richness of Latin American culture, and other programs provide support in building meaningful connections and developing entrepreneurial skills.

 Your donation will be a big help to make the work of artists and exhibitors visible, and strengthen immigrants and the local community.

Now, we need your support to sustain our initiatives in the future.

By contributing with any donation, you will enable community members to have access to opportunities so that they have access to health and settlement services, can get prepared to work again, and start growing at this unprecedented moment. For every $20, you will support 1 operation staff; $50 covers costs for mentoring 2 volunteers; and for every $100, you will support a cultural or learning activity for 4 community members.

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