Spanish and Portuguese Book Fair Event in Vancouver

Join us on this fun Spanish and Portuguese Book Fair Event

Since Silvana Goldemberg arrived in Canada from Argentina in 2003, she felt a lack of resources for Spanish and Portuguese speaking families looking to maintain their mother tongue and those wanting to learn them as a second language.

​​Silvana grew up enjoying stories and playing in the streets of Villaguay in Argentina. She is an educator and award-winning author of over twenty books published in Spanish and English. She has been writing stories and games in Spanish, as well as telling stories and leading workshops in Libraries, Fairs and Storytelling Festivals: “I strongly believe that we must ACT to keep our languages alive in an English-speaking province. It’s our responsibility to express to our children the joy of the language, so they are also able to connect with our culture in a positive and inspirational way.”

With that in mind, Silvana and Latincouver joined forces with the Vancouver Public Library to create a Spanish and Portuguese Book Fair in Vancouver to contribute to our Latin community.

When: Sunday, November 4th from 2pm to 5pm

Where: Vancouver Public Library – Promenade Central Branch – 350 W Georgia St.

Free of charge 😊

What you will see at the Spanish and Portuguese Book Fair:

  • Book swap
  • Storytelling
  • Art exhibitions
  • Books, authors, narrators
  • Activities to play using words
  • Expositions with books written in Spanish and Portuguese

Make sure to bring Portuguese or Spanish books so you can participate on a fun book swap activity!

It will be an afternoon with literature, authors and word games for all ages. Meet with families, get to know new people and have fun!

We hope to see you all celebrating our delightful languages!

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