Walk In Her Shoes challenge in Vancouver

CARE Canada’s Walk In Her Shoes challenge took place on March 1, two days in advance of International Women’s Day.

Walk In Her Shoes is a fun, family-friendly community event, and everyone is welcome to walk in solidarity to support CARE Canada’s efforts to fight poverty worldwide. Participants seek to walk the average distance too many women and girls must travel to fetch basic essentials like water and food.




Women and girls in developing countries walk an average of 10,000 steps every day—the equivalent of walking from Oak Street to UBC—leaving little time to get an education or earn an income.

CARE’s more than 70 years of experience has proven that when we empower women and girls, we help women, families, and entire communities escape poverty and overcome adversity.

Thanks to you, this is what we’ve achieved:

  • 300 walkers
  • 16 teams
  • 4 out of town walking groups (Cancun, New York, Sun Peaks, and Trail)
  • $39,760 raised and still counting (close date for donations is March 15, 2016)

A future without poverty is within walking distance. Thank you for making Walk In Her Shoes a success! Remember, we have the power to change our world—we are looking forward to Walk In Her Shoes 2017 already!

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