Why get another booster if I already got COVID?

Why get another booster if I already got COVID

By Ana Morales

It has been two years since the 2020 pandemic and a single year from the first round of COVID vaccines that were launched around the globe. At least everyone got a friend, a person from their social circle, or themselves who got covid after the vaccine. And if you are wondering why to get another booster of the COVID vaccine, you might find the answer here. 

If you recently got COVID and are wondering about getting the vaccine, the answer is… you should because it will help you create a more effective defense against an evolving virus. We all have heard this phrase, and by now, it has not been convincing enough for some, but what if they told you this is your part of contributing to the well-being of everyone around you? Since not everyone can get immunized, and in an imaginary situation where only a few gets the vaccines, it will help spread the virus among the community. But if the majority gets vaccinated they work as a barrier and stop the spreading of the virus.

Have you ever heard about Herd (Community) Immunity? Well, imagine a group of ten people in which three people cannot get immunized for different reasons. Herd immunity states that if the majority in a community gets vaccinated, they act as barriers for those who cannot get the vaccine. But if only a couple of people get immunized, the virus can jump from person to person, and those in higher-risk groups can experience more complex reactions. 

If you have been thinking about wanting to move the next step toward a better community, a better neighborhood and society, this might be it. Get vaccinated to look out for yourself and the people around you; you will benefit a greater good beyond your benefits. There is a famous concept in Moral Philosophy to refer to the greater good, called Utilitarism – “the greater good for the greater number.” 

Sometimes we hear individuals’ actions do not impact the majority; this is the case in which individuals’ actions do a greater good for the majority. Look out for the community in which you work, live, and grow. “Hey, writer, deciding to vaccinate is an individual decision; you should not be pushing people to do so” – Well, that is true, and it is in your hands. My main goal is to open the conversation; maybe the missing factor is to provide more information to people to educate themselves and take the best option for them and their community.




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