Canadian Covid-related cartoons for our kids

Today’s situation is completely unusual and scary for the younger generations in our family. We don’t have the answers to a lot of questions they have for us, we can see the whole damage emotionally in our kids, and parents don’t know how to make them happy.

The Canadian government and health professionals like psychologists, pediatricians and parenting experts created a series of covid-related animated videos with fun cartoons named “Spike and Toody” aimed at 3 to 7 years old.

The objective is to provide children with the right tools to understand their emotions, showing the importance of saying what they feel, like worry and fear of losing someone they love. It’s okay to say it, they have to express their feelings with their parents, and we can try to decrease the future impact.

Take a look at this beautiful and insightful cartoons alongside your kids:

If you want to see more videos like this, click in the following link:

Authors of Spike and Toody


Our work in children’s media has taught us that when you need people to make important changes quickly, you skip the parents and go right to the kids. If you give kids an important sense of purpose and the information they need to take real action, they will do it, and they’ll ensure the rest of us do it too. As the pandemic stretches on, many adults will try and skirt the rules. But the kids? They’ll stay with it and make sure the rest of us do too. They’re our best hope.

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The project has been made possible [in part] by the Government of Canada and was done with the help of various partners who came on to advise on and/or distribute and support the project, including CHEO, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Upstream, Caremongers, and The Toronto Public Library. Medical advisors include Dr. Gary Bloch from St. Michael’s Hospital and Dr. Nisha Thampi from CHEO. Parenting advisors include parenting book authors Ann Douglas and Sara Dimerman, who is also a psychologist. A list of partners and a list of experts can be found on the Spike & Toody site.

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