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Car Free Day is an annual cultural event where the use of vehicles is discouraged. The festival is settled by closing different streets to welcoming organizations, businesses, artist and locals to interact. There are different ways to be part of the event and participate as a volunteer, artist, sponsor or vendor. To find out how to get involved in the festival please click here. Scroll below for more information about dates, time and activities in each of the neighborhoods


Main Street Car Festival

Date: June 17th 2018

Time: Noon to 7 pm

With about 21 closed streets for vehicle traffic within Broadway and Main Street, the free car festival promises a fun environment to everyone. There are different options ranging from a variety of food options, awareness campaigns, activities, and attractions for kids, families, and youths.  Check out here TransLink re- routes and how to get to the festival.


West End Festival

Date: June 16h 2018

Time: Noon to 7 pm

If you are an art lover and enjoy the nature this is a great opportunity to join or attend the free car event. The festival will be held in the downtown area from Robson to Davie street. It will offer a cultural immersion with jam live sessions performances and art exhibitions while having to provide the public with different restaurants to eat or drink, cafes, and open spaces. Check out here TransLink re-routes and how to get to the festival.


Commercial Drive:

Date: July 8th 2018

Time: 12 pm to 7 pm

Commercial drive is preparing for its 14th car free anniversary by disposing 15 blocks closed to welcoming passers by from all the ages. There will be different awareness pro environment campaigns and activities as well as it will count with different artist cultural and live music performances, restaurants and shops. Check out here TransLink re-routes and how to get to the festival.



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