Carnaval del Sol: Uniting Cultures in a Celebration of Harmony in British Columbia

By Erika Prata

(VANCOUVER, BC) May 6, 2024 – Now in its 16th year, Vancouver’s Carnaval del Sol continues to shine as one of the most important Latin American festivals in the Pacific Northwest and a key event in Canada. Set to light up Jonathan Rogers Park from July 5-7, the festival celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Latin America. Attendees can look forward to live music, dance performances, indigenous traditions, visual arts and a variety of traditional dishes from various regions.

This year, the festival will feature over 30 hours of live entertainment with more than 350 artists, including 10 internationally renowned artists. The event is famous for its engaging cultural workshops that bring to life the vibrant spirit and community values of Latin America. Beginning in partnership with the Vancouver Pride Society, this year’s opening night is a tribute to cultural diversity and 2SLGBTQAI+ inclusion, emphasizing the festival’s commitment to community integration. The excitement continues for three action-packed days with a diverse program that includes Brazilian cultural workshops and culinary delights from over 16 countries, encapsulating the vibrant atmosphere of a festive summer outdoors in Vancouver.

Carnaval del Sol is not just a festival, but a dynamic venue for promoting Latin American culture in British Columbia. It brings together the local Latino community and culture enthusiasts from across the region, offering a dynamic meeting space for families and friends. With its themed plazas catering to various interests and ages – including dedicated pet areas – the festival promises a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees.

In 2023, the Beer Plaza was a major draw, attracting nearly 4,000 visitors who enjoyed its lively ambiance, an array of drinks, Mexican tacos, music, and a Latino-style fiesta. The Experience Plaza offers a unique culinary experience with open-air cooking classes led by renowned chefs sharing the secrets of their cuisine.
The Seniors Plaza provides a space for seniors to have fun, interact, and engage in diverse activities. It also features a special area where guests can discover and purchase art from all corners of Latin America. For those looking for an exclusive experience, the VIP Plaza offers 300 seats reserved for SuperPass holders, VIPs, and artists, providing the best views of the main stage along with opportunities to relax in the shade and enjoy a drink.

The Travel Plaza invites visitors to embark on a journey of discovery, acting as a gateway to adventures that showcase the rich tapestry of cultures. Meanwhile, the Family & Kids Plaza, the second largest at the festival, is teeming with family-friendly music, activities, and performances, allowing thousands of attendees to interact with brands in a family-oriented setting. Food enthusiasts can indulge in the vibrant dishes of the Food Plaza, exploring the rich culinary delights of Latin America. Art lovers are drawn to the Arts Plaza, a special marketplace where unique pieces from across the continent are available for purchase.

New this year, the Native Plaza dives deep into the heart of indigenous culture and heritage, where artisans showcase traditional crafts, intricate artwork, and culturally rich items. Also new is the Pet Plaza, the only space in British Columbia where festival-goers can find a variety of products for their pets while enjoying the event together.

Carnaval del Sol continues to be a must-attend event in Vancouver’s cultural calendar, offering a tapestry of experiences that celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of Latin American culture.

The Year of Harmony

This year, the theme “harmony” unfolds through a series of symbols representing resilience, diversity, and cultural connection. From the figure of a woman symbolizing resilience and cultural richness, to a musician embodying the musical diversity of Latin America with influences from various parts of the world, the festival uses these icons to weave a narrative of unity and multicultural celebration. Additionally, images of seniors passionate about music highlight the intergenerational transmission of traditions. 2SLGBTQAI+ couples are celebrated, emphasizing inclusion and respect within our community. Latin American chefs are portrayed, appreciating the rich culinary traditions they bring. Latin children living in Canada or with Latin American roots are depicted, symbolizing hope and the future of our culture. These images that form the visual identity of our festival proclaim that all families are welcome and valued in our community, reinforcing the values of diversity, equality, and harmony that are central to Carnaval del Sol, making it a must-attend event in Vancouver’s cultural calendar.

“We are immensely proud that the visual identity of this edition so beautifully represents the rich diversity of our community,” says Paola Murillo, CEO of Latincouver.

Latincouver: Strengthening the Latin Community in BC

As the most recent Carnaval del Sol in Vancouver approaches, Murillo shared some heartfelt insights into the festival’s deep impact. “Carnaval del Sol isn’t just about having fun; it’s a vital part of our mission to combat the loneliness many new immigrants face, a situation that only grew worse during the pandemic,” she said. Murillo highlighted the festival’s role as a welcoming space that fosters inclusion and support, allowing the community to both celebrate its rich heritage and make meaningful economic contributions. “We want to help people to come together and help each other to better understand who we are and put away all the biases or discrimination that could be created when we don’t understand each other”, she emphasizes. She recalled a touching moment that underscored the significance of these efforts: “A lady stopped me during my morning run to express her gratitude to bring a voice of our Latin American community in BC. It really affirmed the value of what we do and the hard work our team dedicates to uplifting our community,” Murillo added, reflecting her pride and the organization’s dedication to empowering latino americans in Canada.

Beyond the three days of festivities at Jonathan Rogers Park, the month of July will also feature additional events organized by Latincouver that celebrate Latin American culture. The Latin American Experience includes the Soccer Tournament, Flamenco, Tango & Wine, Brazil in 

Vancouver, and the Kids Plaza Fiesta, all taking place at various locations and dates. Those interested can follow all the activities on Latincouver’s social media channels or visit

Calendar of Festivities during the Latin American Experience

July 5: Opening Night – Beer Garden – In partnership with Vancouver Pride Society – at Jonathan Rogers Park 

July 6, 7: Carnaval del Sol – Weekend Experience – at Jonathan Rogers Park 

July 13, 14: Soccer Tournament – at Empire Fields 

July 11: Flamenco, Tango & Wine – at The Pipe Shop, North Vancouver

July 19: Brazil in Vancouver – at Fox Cabaret

July 20: Kids Plaza Fiesta – at Brentwood Burnaby

Join us this summer at: 

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