Glenn Sigurdson

Q.C. – Queens Council 1986

Social Innovator – solution focused leadership building bridges across divides. Much of my work is within and among companies, communities, civil society organizations, and governments in the public and private sectors, building partnerships and resolving differences.

My role is to deliver a special kind of leadership as the “man in the middle”. I have been known as a mediator, negotiator, lawyer, facilitator, adjudicator, economist, teacher, writer.

Experience over a long career has melded into a deeper understanding of my role – Today i say I “lead without owning working in the space between”.

While i have worked over a wide range of sectors , a focus has diverse world of people and resources, land and water. Here interests, values, rights, power, authority collide engaging different organizational structures and cultures, the “public interest’, regulators, many “publics”, and the public at large.

Expectations “beyond consultation to involvement” in decision making that affects “me, my community, and my people” across regions and watersheds are growing. My leadership role is to work within this complex dynamic to create the context for all these players to explore ways to live together respecting their differences.

My goal is to help them build resilient relationships which are and are seen to be theirs, not mine, and with “ownership” the will to turn words into actions, and the understanding that relationships are assets.

Start Date: August 2013

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