Latincouver’s special celebrations of women set to bring us together this 2020

Every contribution to our society is important. Recognizing the efforts of individuals is a way to show them our appreciation. This time, Latincouver wants to thank female community members who continually work to make Canada stronger by highlighting their contribution to the society.  

We will honour women with a series of cultural and business events throughout the year with the theme “Celebrating Latin American women: Leading transformation in the new decade!“. These activities will create a space to meet and acknowledge women by shedding light on their invaluable work that helps build our cultures, unity, and better places to live.

Why honour women?  

Nowadays, societies have an vast array of opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential. But, do all have real access to them? In Canada, although over half of women work, they earn less than men ($0.88 per dollar men earned in 2019) and only 35.3% hold a managerial position (Statistics Canada, 2019).

In face of current changes and challenges, we need to increase women’s participation in society and help them develop as leaders. This will enable women not only to get a job in their chosen field but  to also build successful careers. Empowered women will be able to take the lead in designing and implementing necessary solutions.

With our celebrations, you will be able to know more about women’s accomplishments and their significant roles as citizens, immigrant workers, caregivers, educators, and cultural mediators. We hope that women’s stories of perseverance throughout time can also inspire you to leave a mark with your endeavours.

Women’s impact today

When women get involved in different social arenas, our societies thrive. Here are some examples of how their positive influence has a multiplier effect on society:

  • Supporting communities

Women work together to build a community environment, where people are there to support one another. They even develop community hubs where residents get involved in social activities that support children, families, education, and the environment.

  • Leading transformations in business

Female professionals find opportunities around them, take action strategically, and inspire collaboration with their strong commitment to goals. These passionate pioneers promote innovation and entrepreneurship and even prepare people to embrace this spirit and grow in their careers.

  • Promoting culture

Artistic expression, stories, and concerns of individuals and communities. Female artists create spaces encouraging new understandings through engaging artwork that pass on traditions and enrich our colourful heritage.

  • Empowering others

Many women help other people develop their potential. Those who support and mentor other women equip them with skills so that they can reach their goals and make a difference in their communities.

In our special events, we will celebrate women’s leadership and impacts in these four areas. When joining the conversation, we will listen to different points of views and work together in promoting respect and collaboration for more equal and inclusive communities.

Stay tuned

We have recently published our 2020 calendar. Everyone is invited to all of them, as Latincouver is always a place to meet and learn from each other.

Follow us on social media. More updates on our themed events are coming soon. This will be the perfect chance to get together and honour women in our lives.

About us: Latincouver is la plaza, the hub where Latin Americans and Latin enthusiasts get together at events that promote business relationships and cultural exchange in British Columbia. If you want to know more about us, please visit

Women’s committee 2020. From left to right: Alexia Diaz, Transformational Coach | Claudia Gómez, PhD candidate in consumer behaviour and founder of Claro de Lua | Valeria Levchenkova, Organizational development and leadership consulting at Passion To Lead SA DE CV | Patricia Belen, Women Empowerment Coach and founder of Living Sisterhood.
Session to define women’s statement 2020 on December 13, 2019. We had the participation of ten women from different backgrounds and cultures (France, India, Mexico, Colombia).

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