Let’s shine together and help Fort McMurray!

Fort McMurray: A tragedy in Canada


The latest Wildfire in Alberta’s Fort McMurray it currently sits at 161,000 hectares and could grow to 200,000 hectares; the economic losses has been estimated to 7 billion of dollars.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said road convoys and flights managed to move 25,000 people from north of Fort McMurray to the south over the weekend.

Two people were killed Wednesday in a traffic accident while evacuating the city —15-year-old Emily Ryan and 19-year-old Aaron Hodgson; today (May 8th)  no evacuees are left on the north side of the fire.

Alberta government has reported that a change in the weather has slowed the progress of the Fort McMurray wildfire. Luckily we the presence of rain, the team of firefighters and rescuers  would be able to kill the fire sooner.

Scott Long, executive director of Alberta’s Emergency Management Agency, said officials are going to start the stabilization phase.

Tomorrow (May 9th) a re-entry team will assess the damage in the area with the purpose of start the rebuilding stage of the tragedy, hoping people can go back to their home, as soon as possible. Hospitals, schools and water-treatment plants will be taking care of on first instance.

Now, source until we get involved! help link to red cross. Please send your donations here




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