So the Grouse Grind is open for the season and you want to conquer it this year

Grouse grind

So the Grouse Grind is open for the season and you want to conquer it this year.


The mountains of North Vancouver offer great views and after suffering trying to complete your fitness quota of the year, you can also have fun and a nice ride down the mountains.

The Grind, also  called “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”,  it is a famous point of the city where you can do a challenging routine, get fit and enjoy a nice view of the city when you are finish. We are bringing you some advice to enjoy your hike safely and without complications.

  • Arrive to the site after having a nice breakfast, you will need the energy
  • Wear proper footwear, trail shoes or hiking boot, stay away from flip flops, platform heels and Jeans
  • If you are bringing snacks, make sure you dont leave anything behind, please be considerate of the environment, the grind does not have garbage receptacles
  • Bring only the bare necessary and water for the way
  • There are no washrooms, no resting or picnic areas, use the Grouse Mountain facilities before you start your hike
  • Dogs are not, no exceptions
  • The Grind is a one way street, going down the hill is strictly prohibited
  • With 2,830 steps  to climb, only dare to try the Grind if you are a person who exercises regularly
  • For the average healthy people, the hike could take 1.5 hours
  • The official record holder has done it in 23 minutes and 48 seconds.
  • Grouse Grind is a spring-to-fall hike only. At the height of summer, the hours are 6:15 am to 7:00 pm
  • You will find quarter marks The first quarter is the least steep, the second and third quarter are the steepest, so take it easy and enjoy your exercise
  • Grouse Grind is a free trail, the Skyride back down is $10.00. You can purchase your ticket at Alpine Guest Services
  • If you are expecting to do the grind more than once you might consider joining the Grind Timer Program.
  • the Grind Timer Program offers the bag transfer service, check your bag at Guest Services and can pick it up at Alpine Guest Services at the end of your hike.
  • Keep your right at all times to allow experienced Grinders work on their personal best times
  • Keep your music volume low
  • If you only want to enjoy the view, the Skyride trip is a better option for you
  • Even when early mornings on weekends and weekdays are usually less busy don’t expect to be alone
  • The Grind will likely be busy less busy than it is during sunny weather
  • Bring an extra shirt and Jacket for possible weather change conditions
  • After tempting your survival skills here can buy yourself a “I survived the Grind” shirt
  • Enjoy the view and entertainment of the top of the mountain enjoy all the shows for free, Grizzly bear, Lumberjack show, zip lines, birds show and Lift chair ride
  • Have fun, take lots of pictures and post it in our facebook page!!!

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