El Salvador

It is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Latin America. Its huge and important cultural background is something you cannot miss. El Salvador can give you more than you can imagine. It is a place of remarkable activities, culture, and history. It is well known for its perfect conditions to practice surf in its beautiful beaches. Music, museums, and gentle and friendly people is what tourists will find in this incomparable country.

  • National Day: September 15th, 1821
  • Best know tourist spot: National Park El Imposible, Ruinas de Tazumal
  • Traditional dance: Cumbia salvadoreña
  • A dish you cannot miss: Pupusas (a thick, hand-made corn biscuit-like flat bread stuffed with one or more of the following: cheese, fried pork, and refried beans)
  • National alcoholic drink: Beer
  • Architectural hostpot in the Capital: The New Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Famous people: Margarita Álvarez de Martinez, Oscar Romero, Jorge “El Magico” Gonzalez, Alvaro Torres
  • Famous soccer teams: Aguila, Fas

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Photos from the country

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