2020 was a challenging year.

Life, as we know it, changed. Our homes became our workplaces. And our usual workplaces are either transforming or starting to fill again.

Meetings are now through a camera, with children laughing in the background—also, the occasional bark of our coworker’s dog. We get to see our colleague’s home decoration and comfy sweaters. The phrase “you are on mute” has become the most popular of the year.

Our pets got to spend much more time with us than usual. “This humans, invading our territory,” they must have thought.

The masks became an essential part of our outfits. We learned about the different materials they are made. We also researched their percentage of protection. Some of us even started to combine them with the colours of our clothes.

Celebrations moved to our cellphones and computers. Some of us are still waiting to visit our loved ones. But hey, as long as they are healthy, it is worth it.

We said, “see you later” to our friends and returned to them through shared screens and video games. A lot of hugs and coffees are waiting for us when all the chaos ends.

At the end of 2020, one thing is for sure:  We grew. We transformed. We evolved.

We learned to manage our time better. We had new business ideas, new school experiences and more time to look at ourselves -as individuals and society-.  

Yes, the world has seen an enormous share of tragedy and unhappiness in 2020. But we also witnessed an impressive quota of medical advances and human solidarity.

2021 started with cheers, video calls and a lot of hope.

Undoubtedly this new year will hold its challenges. That’s how life works.  What matters most is not the problems themselves, but how well we respond to them.

Happy New Year!

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