Inarritu: Cultural perception of Latinos in Hollywood must change

Inarritu: Cultural perception of Latinos in Hollywood must change

Mexican director Gonzalez Iñarritu, BAFTA winner for best director with the movie ‘The Revenant’, says “we must change the cultural perception” of Latinos in Hollywood to include them more in the film industry.

Iñarritu commented in front of media Sunday night, after his film ‘The Revenant’ was declared the winner at the 69th British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards (BAFTAs), securing five awards including best film, best director, leading actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), best cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki) and sound.

For the director, the problem of diversity in Hollywood goes beyond racism as it refers to a cultural matter and as such, the identity needs to be given recognition and not only to Latinos but also to Africans and Asians.

“We all are mixed race, one way or another. I don’t know the statistics (of) how many Latin Americans appear in TV shows or in films in the U.S. There is still a lot to do,” he stressed.

Iñarritu, with his best director award in hand, explained that ‘The Revenant’ team endured many physical challenges during the shooting of the movie but the most difficult part was getting the audience to experience the same loneliness as the protagonist only through the images and dialogues.

He admitted that he was excited, nervous and in a state of adrenaline now that his work has been rewarded.

In two weeks he has another important appointment, the Oscars. His film is the favorite with 12 nominations.

His previous film ‘Birdman’ was also among the favorites for the Bafta, Oscars and Golden Globes last year but now things take a different path.

Iñarritu is expected to repeat the success on Feb. 28 at the Oscars ceremony. If ‘The Revenant’ emerges triumphant for best picture, he will become the first director to win this award for two consecutive years.

Source: EFE

Photo: Belfast Telegraph

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